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Digitization is just automating the existing. Digitalization is much more...


Classic software products often only map existing manual processes. They make them more efficient and this is an improvement.  However, the data they generate is displayed in often separate dashboards and often not fully used. The remaining potential is to combine this data with powerful algorithms to also generate recommendations for decisions. This becomes even more important today where the data available covers so many parameters such as costs, sustainability considerations, risks, market developments and the art is not to look at these separately, but to make decisions taking them all into account.

 spieltheoriebasierende Projektstrategie, TWS Digital Products GmbH, Nnamu München, strategischer Einkauf
TWS Partners, Strategien basierend Spieltheorie, Waren- & Projektstrategien, digitale Beschaffung Nnamu

When you work with us, you get more than just software and data. You get access to more than 400 man-years of experience in the fields of game theory based negotiation and process design, built into state-of-the-art software.

Knowing which data is relevant for complex decisions, how these are interlinked and what the process design should look like are prerequisites for being able to create innovative software that breaks new ground.

We at nnamu can draw on the extensive know-how of TWS Partners and the experience from more than 2,500 purchasing projects.

We combine this know-how with the latest technologies and an AI framework to ensure our solutions give meaningful recommendations from the start and keep learning

Game theory meets digitalization at a TWS Partners and Supply Management Insider event in London (2021)

strategischer Einkauf, digitale Lösungen, Einsparungen maximieren, Waren- & Projektstrategien München, TWS Digital Products GmbH


A different approach to how digitalization innovates procurement.

We significantly reduce your cost structure, but also help your buyers to take better strategic decisions. This improves process costs and unleashes additional savings. At the same time, the solutions generate important data for AI based machine learning which helps us our system to get better and better over time.

Our Negotiation Bot then further decreases process costs as well by the high level of automation in implementing these strategies.

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