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Discover the world's first strategy advisor and negotiation bot based on game theory


We are reinventing
Strategic Procurement

With our solutions, you can leverage the complexity in procurement rather than just reducing it and redesign processes based on the latest game theory findings.

The results are higher savings, more efficient processes and, most importantly, competitive advantages.

strategischer Einkauf, Prozesskosten sparen, TWS Partners, Strategien basierend Spieltheorie, Waren- & Projektstrategien, digitale Beschaffung Nnamu, Spieltheorie


Strategy Advisors

We help you  defining your commodity and project strategies via actionable and game theory-based recommendations. The buyers' decisions are supported by our codified experience and continously learning algorithms.

Negotiation Bot

We automate the allocation of tail-end spend with a Negotiation Bot that recommends the perfect negotiation strategy and tactics and also negotiates it autonomously. This saves process costs and maximizes savings.

NEX Data & Indexes

Our Nex Database underpins our intelligent software products with  up to 100 data points per included project. It also aggregates smart power indices to help you assess your organization’s strengths and potentials.


In Strategic Procurement, simple processes will gradually be taken over by guided buying or even fully autonomous systems in the next years. Our Strategy Advisors and Negotiation Bots are these kinds of solutions, based on game theoretic-algorithms, that are continuously optimized with the help of AI and machine learning.

Nnamu by TWS Partners, Strategieberater, Verhandlungs-Bot, NEX Daten & Index, spieltheoriebasierende Strategien, strategischer Einkauf
digitale Lösungen, Einsparungen maximieren, Waren- & Projektstrategien München, TWS Digital Products GmbH, digitale Beschaffung Nnamu


At the heart of every digital solution we offer are decades of game theory knowledge and procurement experience.

We are powered by TWS Partners, the leading consultancy in applying game theory in procurement and beyond. Anticipating things before they go wrong is what game theory stands for -  by identifying players', their preferences, the available strategies and changing the game rather than just playing it.


The amount of data is constantly increasing and today, it is almost impossible to continuously evaluate and analyze all influencing factors manually. With our game theory and procurement experience, but also due to NEX Data & Indexes we can make the difference here: we have the knowledge on what has a decisive influence on outcomes, which methods work and won't and which decisions have to be made when. This allows us to design autonomous early warning systems for your complex, strategic decisions.

spieltheoriebasierende Projektstrategie, TWS Digital Products GmbH, Nnamu München, strategischer Einkauf
Nnamu by TWS Partners, Strategieberater, Verhandlungs-Bot, NEX Daten & Index, spieltheoriebasierende Strategien


A different approach to how digitalization innovates procurement.

We significantly reduce your cost structure, indirectly train your strategic buyers and generate important data for AI based machine learning which helps our system to get better and better over time.

With our Negotiation Bot we also include autonomous implementation of these strategies saving you process costs.

NEX Daten & Index, spieltheoriebasierende Strategien, strategischer Einkauf, digitale Lösungen, Einsparungen maximieren, Waren- & Projektstrategien München

Our experience in numbers








Development Partners

Industry leading companies already support us in the development of our digital solutions with their experience, e.g. during testing and in terms of usability in actual practice.

With their experience and feedback we can ensure high usability of our solution right from the start.

We are proud to announce BT Sourced, Deutsche Bahn and Jaguar Land Rover as our development partners.


BT Sourced was formed as a standalone procurement company in 2021, wholly owned by BT, to redefine procurement from top to bottom and take it into a new era.


With an annual purchasing volume of more than 24 billion, Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest contracting authorities in Europe. Its procurement department is considered as benchmark within the public procurement sector in using advanced methods like game theory.


Jaguar Land Rover is a premium luxury car maker operating worldwide. Its global Purchasing teams and their stakeholders are a key value driver for the organisation.

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