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Advanced strategies, automated. 
Value from combining game theory and AI.

nnamu is a game theory based AI agent that increases value creation in procurement by over 60%.

Working with the best:

The nnamu ecosystem of procurement

Our advanced negotiation agent recommends optimal and innovative negotiation strategies and seamlessly delivers them. It generates substantial cost savings and total cost of ownership improvements, achieving increments of 5% or more (five times the promise of classical source to contract solutions) while effortlessly adapting to diverse material fields. 



Our algorithm and machine learning leverage a proprietary database, which contains staggering ~100 data points per project with a cumulative spend exceeding over USD 400bn.

These data points provide strategically relevant insights rather than an ocean of transactional data. It is that feeds our algorithms and not merely a typical API call to another source.


We combine our game theory expertise and data to provide strategy recommendations that extend beyond negotiations.

In the procurement space, for example, we transform outdated category level strategies into smart and actionable project-level strategies that address bottom-line relevant business questions. 

Strategic decision

At nnamu, we revolutionize procurement with game theory-driven tools, ensuring strategic decision-making is at the very heart of our approach.

Our commitment is to deliver top-of-the-line automation and B2C-class usability, empowering both buyers and suppliers in every negotiation. 

Automation at its core

Our focus extends beyond the

mere opportunities and benefits. 

We at nnamu are dedicated to maximising the total value of every opportunity.

Value driven model

How did we help a  Mobility Company
save over 12% on their Office Supplies?

It’s all about theory - Game Theory!

Innovation rooted in experience

Our company’s inception was rooted in extensive experience, innovative thinking, industry understanding,

and a vast database,  ensuring unique, hard-to-replicate products that are poised for success. 

With 20+ years in tech, Martin scaled startups and organizations up to 400 employees as Managing Director. His previous roles include Amazon Alexa and 10+ years in consulting & venture building at Accenture & Deloitte Digital Ventures.

With 13+ years of experience, Christian has Ied a team of 40 as a partner at TWS, the largest game theory consultancy globally (>100 employees). He has delivered over 500+ projects, and then established and spun out the digital business unit, nnamu.

Driving vision with collective expertise

Meet our distinguished and diverse team of experts, carefully assembled to champion our shared vision.

The roadmap to collective success

Transforming strategic consultancy

nnamu will go on to digitalise the essence of strategic consultancy with the use of game theory and AI.

Furthermore, innovative expansions of customer experience and value are already built in and in high demand. 

Clear vision for growth

Pioneering partnerships

With our early day industry partners (DB, JLR,  BT sourced) we ensured our first products had high usability across industries from day one.

In 2021 we decided to turn nnamu into a separate spin-out with our own IP, aiming to significantly expand in the SaaS & AI space.   

Turn to a full spin-out

Driving pilot value for clients

Since 2015, the team at the helm of nnamu today helped clients scale game theory value digitally.

Ready to discover the impact of nnamu?

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